And then …

Creating a so called “third skin” that is both individual and appropriate, whether it is a new building, a restoration, or a conversion of an existing one, is a complex process that demands a diversity of skills and expertise from the architect.

…functionality such that space is carefully allocated in a way that complements the identity of the place and the personality of the client.

…sensitivity to the importance of satisfying and stimulating the senses through the range of colours and materials used.

…technical understanding for the correct choice of material and design that not only uphold the highest standards in quality but also create an indoor climate that is good for the health. In such cases experienced specialist engineers and technicians are involved from the very beginning.

…cost-effectiveness by finding solutions that fit the financial parameters. An early cost appraisal helps, not only in relation to the actual building costs, but also in giving an overview of any additional charges and fees.

Whatever the project, a procedure is put into place that involves a close dialogue with the client.